Sunday, January 11, 2009

An hour before my wedding...

That was I think 4 or 5 months ago when I suddenly realized that time passes by so fast, and i just uttered the words " mamaya 1 hour na lang wedding ko na". A week and a day ago, I kept on thinking about that phrase that I said and there it hour before my wedding I still keep on thinking about that phrase that I've said 5 months ago and I can't believe that there I am in my hotel suite standing and getting ready to fit in my gown and savor the walk of my life to meet the man of my dreams.

It is really an amazing feeling to be married, I enjoyed every moment of our wedding and it's a miracle that I didn't even shed a single tear...maybe I am just more happy than sentimental! At least I made everybody cry when the door opened...even my groom! Haha!

Anyway, I promise I will make kwento about my wedding...just need to settle first!

Here's a glimpse...

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Official Wedding Photos-click here!

Yeah!!! I know I've been out for a while and haven't been posting anything for the past 6 months...geez that's quite a long time huh! But please understand that I've been working and have been busy preparing for our beautiful wedding!!! I Promise I will blog about everything that happened in our lives and in our wedding as soon as I get in my feet again...but for now here's some of our selected wedding photos from our photographer's website. Enjoy!!! (just click on the blog title)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Richard Agtarap - d'host

Richard was Anne's host on her wedding last January, at that time we are not in full force on our preps yet that's why we didn't realize that we want him to be our host too, so we let that opportunity to talk to him fly.
After attending a friend's wedding just recently, we realized that we need to book a host na as soon as possible, 'coz our wedding day is a hot date so we're afraid we can't have the best ones na. Bryan was the one who reminded me of Richard, he remembered how he did his hosting stint on Anne's wedding and he realized that we never had a dull moment with his performance. He's very lively and can go on an impromptu show.

Here he is...
So here's the story, when I contacted him he said he will still check 'coz he has a tentative schedule on that date so I said ok but deep inside I am reciting all the prayers in the world! joke! After two days of my being very persistent and consistent on asking him to be our host, he texted me one morning to confirm my booking!!! It's just perfect. Thank's Richard.

Center Table - The right choice

We had another food tasting last Saturday with Rica of Center Table, and what can we say??? First Impression last! Their food is much greater than our first taste test, Bryan can't even utter a single word while having the taste test in the Valera residence in Merville.

It's really funny 'coz we didn't realize that we are sitting in their dining table and sharing stories with Rica for about 4 straight hours! We almost talked about everything and also the food is overflowing as in non-stop!!! We finalized our menu, cake, centerpieces and everything, Rica is very accomodating as ever and her family too, we're just very happy that we got them for our big day!!! Thanks Rica!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Scenta FLora

FLOWERS!!! This is my life!!! I love flowers so much!!! Well, obviously I am a flower person because even if you give me a piece of carnation I will smile big time already. Yeah, that's true. Anyways, we already picked the design for our church flowers last Tuesday at Scenta Flora's office at Fernbrook Gardens.

I even rushed to pick up bry at home to be able to get to Fernbrook at a 6:30 appointment with Jeff. Bing Montes (owner) and I were texting each other all through out the day and she sd she might not be able to meet me 'coz she's also in an event so Jeff will be the one to handle my concerns. Alright, when we arrived there Fernbrook was really in deep silence because there is no event that day and the office is at the basement and all of the staffs had already gone home that's why it's some kinda creepy hihi...of course we started to look at some photos of the designs that we like, we really love their hook stands because the original idea was to hook on bird cages with love birds and at the same time it will serve as our souvenirs for the entourage but unfortunately hook stands were already taken!!!! WAAHHH!!! So the options are the basic package with upgrades of Garden aisle and stair railings, Candelabras and Lamp Post!!! Lamp post is the the best seller because it was really god damn beautiful!!! but yeah it has also a damn price...haha...

While we were thinking, the door opened and there they are...Bing and Rey Monted arrived, their first words were.. "ano? mag lamp post na kayo!"....why are they so good on convincing us? so there...we got the lamp post in short...nakuha kami sa kwentuhan ba!!! hehe...but yeah I know it will be worth it...

The one that I am thinking of right now is my entourage boquets and mine as well, she offered me adiscounted price which is a nice one...its really a nice one and I am thinking about it for 2 days now...

Bry and I will be going to a trip to Dangwa this saturday just to have an idea on what we like on our boquets and how cheap we can get in Dangwa but we're still strongly considering Scenta's offer, don't worry Bing and Jeff...haha...

Alright,'s the pic of the lamp post!

beautiful, right?


My Wedding Gown

OMG! I know! It has been a long time since I last posted, but yeah give justice to me, I'm in a toxic mode for like 4 months now with work and wedding preps on weekend. Alright, so just to share my latest accomplishments, We booked my gown designer already and our church flosrist. It has been a long decision process for the two of us because we are also considering other options, but then of course we decided to get the best in our taste and a quality supplier.

Alright let's start with my designer and will do another post for my florist.

Her name is Jazel Sy, a young fashionista, just about my age ('coz I'm young!), her shop is located in Paco, Manila just along Quirino Avenue. I first knew of Jazel Sy Fashion Shop at the Wedding Expo in PICC last March (I think?) and then we visited her shop last April and we liked the way her shop looks like, specially my future MIL, and we instantly like her designs! Very modern and unique!

Just leave the sketch with me this time, I will be posting it if it's already final, because we are still deciding on the final details of my gown, but definitely it will be more on beads and some accents 'coz I'm a bead person :)

Price? Let's not talk about it. haha!!!
Rapport? OMG! We instantly clicked!!! Jazel is so amazing...and beautiful!!!

Anyways guys just wait for my next post with the sketch of my gown...surprise!!!

Chill Out!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Wedding Expo:March 8-PICC/ Fernbrook Update: Mini Basilica Doors

Bry and I went to Wedding Expo today at PICC Forum to scout for gown designers and talk to Ms. Rica of Center Table. But of course we got to see all of our suppliers there, we saw lovely of Fernbrook, of course Ms. Rica and Ms. Rose Valera of Center Table who gave us free lunch courtesy of food tasting for all, and of course Junlyn of Events by M&G who is very very sweet! I haven't met Sir Anthony of East Digital because he just left when we arrived but then we got to see their new masterpieces hehe :)

We saw a lot of prospect designers, and we will just make an appointment for consultations by the beginning of holy week since I am on vacation by that time and we will also set an appointment with Center Table to atleast finalize the menu.

This edition of Wedding Expo is a full blast! We even had a hard time finding a parking slot and hard time on walking thru the stalls because of lots of couples and guests who came to scout for suppliers, but yes, it was FUN!!!

By the way, we went straight to Fernbrook to visit the place and check on its progress. We didn't have the chance to roam around a lot because there are 4 weddings taking place, 2 are on their reception areas, 1 just finished their ceremony and the other 1 getting ready for the ceremony. But the most grandest improvement was the doors of the mini basilica. The last time I went there about a month ago there were still no doors and I am really amazed when I saw the doors a while are the pics...take a look at it!